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Winter Solstice – Let the Darkness Invite You

The harvest is in; the stiff, cold winds heralding winter’s approach have scraped the land and trees bare.  At our middle latitudes, the sun sinks ever earlier as the darkness consumes more of our waking hours.  As we clean gutters, rake up the remaining autumnal detritus in our yards, dig out heavy coats, and hunt down our shovels, many of us find ourselves anticipating winter’s arrival with both anticipation and resignation.  Slippery roads, bitter wind chills, and the challenges of roof-raking beckon. 


But we’ve done this before and made it through.  Winters in Minnesota throw their worst at us, and we rise to the occasion, in part because we’re a hardy bunch.  Also, in part because we know – we know so well – that this is one part of the magical cycle of the seasons which define our world and our lives.  We live in that cycle, and it lives in us.  The Winter Solstice is just one turning point of the wheel among many, and it’s the one which brings with it the promise of returning light, which will shyly begin making its way back into our consciousness in the weeks to come.   

And we know we will make it through because we make it through together.  The Solstice is a time of celebration, of gathering with friends and family — something the past few years have taught us to never again take for granted — with festive lights, special meals, and roaring fires.  It is a time of taking stock of the year that is ending, while turning our attention to the whispers of welcome from the year to come.  With all the challenges that winter may bring, this is also a moment of joy and wonder and awe.  In the darkness, it is indeed a moment inviting us to shine.   

Written by Phil Duran 

On behalf of The FUS Seasonal Celebrations Team 

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