Second Sunday Science – September 13?

From Louis Edwards (May 11):

Yesterday, May 10, nine of us met on Zoom and discussed the second half of the fascinating, eye-opening, well-written, informative book, The Whole Story of Climate.  All who read it heartily recommend it to other readers. Thanks again to Ray for recommending this important book. What a terrific way to end the season!

This meeting marked the completion of 5 years of SSS under the leadership of Lois and Jerry Edwards. We are now retired from this volunteer position.
  • Thank you, all of you who have participated with insightful comments during discussions and with suggestions for future books.
  • Extra special thanks to those who prepared discussion questions and led discussions of the books.
  • Thanks to FUS staff, including Jim Foti, Tim Roehl, and the website team, for meeting space, publicity, and support.
  • Clearly, this type of activity depends of many people contributing their time, talent, and energy.
  • And thanks to all of you who have expressed your appreciation for SSS and our efforts in helping make it possible.
Five years of successful science discussions is much more than we had hoped for when we started. It has been a vital educational experience for us—the reading, the discussions, and the leading. We have greatly appreciated getting to know so many people at First Unitarian Society (FUS) and beyond, all of whom share our interest in the role of science in our society.
In these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, situations change, people change, and needs change. We feel good about the past accomplishments of SSS, but know that it is time for a change.
SSS will not meet during this summer.
The future of SSS at FUS is up to YOU!
It could continue under new leadership; it could be replaced by another way to encourage science and rational thinking at FUS; it could become a UU joint activity with other congregations as well as FUS, or … whatever you would like to try next.
We are hoping, of course, that someone(s) will be willing and able to lead some activity focused on science and rational thinking.
Please contact Jim Foti at FUS with your thoughts and ideas.
(I will be glad to share information from these past 5 years with anyone considering this group or a new group.)
Thanks again and we hope to interact with you again soon—online or eventually in person again!
Lois and Jerry Edwards

For more info about this group, please email.

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