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BLOG: McCarthyism Revived

From March 1, 1953, “McCarthy and McCarthyism” It was the hope of many last fall that Joseph McCarthy would not be re-elected to the Senate of the United States. Sharing this hope were Republicans as well as Democrats… and included were some who had given support and early approval to McCarthy’s initial election to the Senate in 1946 …

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BLOG: Are You Building a Shelter?

Carl Storm and FUS youth

An interesting snapshot of the early 1960s, when nuclear war seemed inevitable. This excerpt of “Are you building a shelter,” is from Rev. Carl Storm (pictured with FUS youth here), delivered at First Unitarian Society on November 5, 1961: After a decade of almost complete apathy about civil defense, and even a somewhat slap-happy dismissal …

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BLOG: Darwin and Evolution a Century Later (1959)

On February 8, 1959, FUS minister Rev. Carl Storm delivered the talk “Darwin and Evolution: A Century Later.” This is an excerpt. … If life derives from life, how could the process have started unless there were some life-giving power behind it? To postulate some divine and supernatural life-giving force in now way provides an …

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