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Climate Justice

The Farm Bill and Climate

Our farming practices must be part of the solution to climate change. The US agriculture sector contributes 11% of total US greenhouse gases. UUs are joining allies in the faith and farming communities to redirect 2023 Farm Bill funding to promote conservation and climate-smart regenerative farming practices that protect the health of our soil and food, redirect funds to small… Read More »The Farm Bill and Climate

Thank You President Biden

The Biden administration has created the American Climate Corps, a New-Deal-inspired service program that is said will employ 20,000 in conservation, clean energy, and climate resilience in the first year. The experience and skills members will gain by participating in the corp will be crucial in filling the fast-growing number of green jobs in the nation. It will provide a… Read More »Thank You President Biden

Support the “Green Bank” Bill

As the clean energy transition moves forward, let’s ensure the transition is just and equitable. Support climate innovation and equity through the “green bank” bills. HF 2336/SF2301 would establish the Minnesota Climate Innovation Finance Authority (MnCIFA) to bridge financing gaps in clean energy production, establish regional offices around the state to provide technical and financial assistance and take advantage of… Read More »Support the “Green Bank” Bill

Support Climate Crisis Mitigation

Addressing the climate crisis (getting to Net 0 by 2050) requires a two–pronged approach. Although the primary means is stopping climate pollution, it is also necessary to protect and expand natural carbon sequestration through the preservation of lowland conifer stands. These treed wetlands occur on mucky mineral or wet organic soils and include richly forested peatlands or bogs. Minnesota lowland… Read More »Support Climate Crisis Mitigation

100% Clean Energy

The 100% Clean Energy Bill (SF4) will put us on the path to achieve 80% carbon-free electricity by 2030 and a 100% carbon-free electricity system by 2040. Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy experts analyzed this bill using modeling software and found that if it is passed into law, it would reduce climate pollution by a cumulative 273 million metric tons… Read More »100% Clean Energy

Protect Our Water

Increasingly, Minnesota is being asked to turn control of our water supply to large corporations that seek to develop mining operations that would impact the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior or to draw heavily from our aquifer to fill bottles of water that would be shipped and sold across our nation. Yet our state has no comprehensive water study that… Read More »Protect Our Water