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Deny PolyMet

Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have been told by an administrative law judge that PolyMet’s proposed permit to mine would violate Minnesota rules and should be denied. Now the Governor and DNR must make a decision. Tell Governor Walz to deny the permit and move on from PolyMet. The choice is in his hands. Message:  Recently,… Read More »Deny PolyMet

Protect Minnesota’s Water

News from last year exposed concerning issues with the common theme of polluting and corporate industries exercising too much control over the decisions our public agencies make. Examples include: A judge found that PolyMet’s proposed permit to mine, previously approved by the Department of Natural Resources, would violate Minnesota’s law. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture administers a program of farm… Read More »Protect Minnesota’s Water

Let’s Stop Poisoning Minnesotans’ Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has told the state of Minnesota to alert residents to the hazards of nitrates in drinking water and clean up farm pollution that has contaminated wells in southeastern Minnesota for years. Water supplies for more than 9,200 people in southeastern Minnesota are likely contaminated with dangerous levels of nitrates — according to a November letter… Read More »Let’s Stop Poisoning Minnesotans’ Water

Oppose The EATS Act

A group of Congressional lawmakers are pushing to include the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression Act as part of the 2023 Farm Bill. The legislation, known as The EATS Act, could have serious implications for animal welfare and cascading effects on farmer well-being, worker safety, the spread of zoonoses, and pollution. The EATS Act will nullify any state laws impacting agriculture… Read More »Oppose The EATS Act

Protect The Boundary Waters

The DNR is considering an exploratory drilling plan for Franconia to facilitate a polluting mine that would be built under Birch Lake, the most popular recreation lake in the Superior National Forest outside the Boundary Waters. The extensive scientific and economic studies underlying the Forest Service’s earlier decision to refuse to consent to mining lease renewals show beyond dispute that… Read More »Protect The Boundary Waters

Save Our Water

The city of Elko New Market is rushing through plans for California-based Niagara Bottling to build a factory in Elko New Market, with the intent to sell 310 million gallons each year of groundwater from the Prairie du Chien Jordan aquifer, all in single use plastic bottles. Before an amendment to the Elko New Market water appropriation permit is granted,… Read More »Save Our Water

Support the Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund

The Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) plays a critical role in addressing emerging challenges to our natural resources. This funding supports crucial projects across our state that enhance outdoor recreation, support agriculture, create environmental equity, and protect habitats critical to wildlife. It is vital that we renew the constitutional dedication of a portion of lottery funds to the… Read More »Support the Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund

Support Our Pollinators

Neonicotinoids are a group of insecticides used widely on farms and in urban landscapes. They can persist in soil for months or years after a single application. Neonicotinoids are absorbed by plants and can be present in pollen and nectar, making them toxic to bees.  A current bill in the Minnesota Legislature (HF2805 and SF1915) would ban the sale, possession, or use… Read More »Support Our Pollinators

Support Climate Crisis Mitigation

Addressing the climate crisis (getting to Net 0 by 2050) requires a two–pronged approach. Although the primary means is stopping climate pollution, it is also necessary to protect and expand natural carbon sequestration through the preservation of lowland conifer stands. These treed wetlands occur on mucky mineral or wet organic soils and include richly forested peatlands or bogs. Minnesota lowland… Read More »Support Climate Crisis Mitigation