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Fund Roundtable Rx

Kaiser Foundation reported in October that up to five billion pills are thrown away by hospitals and nursing homes, ending up in landfills, when three out of 10 people report they have not taken their medications, lacking money to pay for them (see 2/23/23 Star Tribune Editorial). HF 1032 and SF 868 provide for additional funding for Roundtable Rx, a… Read More »Fund Roundtable Rx

Ban Conversion Therapy

Conversion “therapy” is a discredited and harmful practice that seeks to change a person’s sexual orientation. Twenty states have banned the practice. Currently nearly 30 organizations in Minnesota conduct conversion “therapy” and 86 therapists use the practice, with 34 of those being licensed mental health professionals. HF16 and SF23 would ban conversion “therapy” targeting children or vulnerable adults, prohibit medical… Read More »Ban Conversion Therapy