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What We Think They’re Thinking

raging fire burning in the night with human figures silhouetted

When Christopher Columbus wrote a report concerning his first voyage, he described the people he found: “they are timid and full of terror” and “they are very guileless and honest.” Timid. Terrified. Guileless. Honest. Notice that the first two assessments—“timid” and “terrified” can be read through observation of physical reactions. “Guileless” and “honest,” however, came …

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Skepticism and the Drowning

Our inherent human moral imagination tells us that saving the drowning is a moral good. To choose to ignore this intuition takes . . . well, value judgments.

BLOG: A 1922 Address About Morality

Excerpt of a Humanist address, “What’s Wrong With the World,” delivered to First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis by Rev. John Dietrich, January 29, 1922. This is an excerpt of an excerpt, focusing on morality.  … Our problem today is not so much that of freedom from political tyranny (in spite of the temporary reaction during the …

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