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But Who Is Hate?

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“God is love.” Yes, I know that the phrase is biblical. The words appear in 1 John 4:8, to be precise. I had those three words underlined in a pocket New Testament (plus Psalms) I carried everywhere as a kid. Leather cover. I also know the rest of the verse: “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”… Read More »But Who Is Hate?

Historicism: On Knowing That We Are Making It Up

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Many of us of a liberal theological bent consider religions in the category of stuff human beings in our communal groupings have made up over the millennia in order to survive and thrive on this planet. Human ideas are socially and historically “conditioned.” Philosophies and religions — and the truths and gods they claim — are “true” because they have… Read More »Historicism: On Knowing That We Are Making It Up

Constructing Democracy (Calmly)

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The American philosopher John Dewey was one of the signers of Humanist Manifesto I back in 1933. Most people know a little something about Dewey because of his theories of education. Like the nowadays more famous Maria Montessori, Dewey was a constructivist. Constructivism is complex idea that boils down to a fairly simple formula. As Maria Montessori put it, “the mind remembers what the… Read More »Constructing Democracy (Calmly)

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Let Suffering Speak

Critical race theory has become a football in the US culture wars. Here’s what critical theory is about.

Decolonizing the Mind: The First Step is Knowing You’re Caught

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I have loved what are called “the liberal arts” for most of my life. I can truthfully say that I moved from biblical fundamentalism to a lover of literary Modernism in the wink of an eye. I took one look at T.S. Eliot’s poetry and Allen Ginsberg’s poetry and I was hooked on what I saw that could be communicated… Read More »Decolonizing the Mind: The First Step is Knowing You’re Caught

Priests, Prophets, and Process

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“ . . . courage shall fail the king and the officials; the priests shall be appalled and the prophets astounded” (Jeremiah 4:9 NRSV). I don’t remember how I ran across those lines from the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah, but they ring true—fearful, appalled, astounded . . . kings, officials, priests, prophets. Sounds like the headlines, though prime ministers and presidents… Read More »Priests, Prophets, and Process

Forgetting to Exist

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In order to be spiritually and mentally healthy, it is absolutely imperative that each of us not forget to exist.