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Putting Labor Back in Labor Day

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Speaker: Rev. David Breeden
Sunday, September 1, 2019

While he was still in seminary, Rev. Breeden wrote a talk called ”Putting Labor Back in Labor Day.” It won a sermon-writing award through the UUA and went up on the website. Every year before Labor Day, he gets requests to reprint or read that talk. One problem with such a situation is that the facts and figures shared then are now out of date. What unfortunately isn’t out-of-date is the continued decline of labor unions and the conditions of US workers. David is updating that talk.

Talk (PDF): Putting Labor Back in Labor Day

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Refugees from Complexity

Rev. David Breeden speaking

In contemporary US marketing–which encompasses everything from toothbrushes to politics to religion–each of us is identified and categorized by demographics. Swimming as we do in these waters, how can we stop long enough to notice the humanity of others?

Refugees from Complexity Talk

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Religious Humanism and Interfaith Work

Speaker: John Lazur

John grew up at First Unitarian, and as a young adult he has become involved in interfaith communities in the wider world, exploring how “Humanism” fits into that mix.

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My Year Away: Demystifying the Other

Speaker: Member Sophia Morrissette
Sunday, August 11, 2019

Since graduating from the FUS Youth Program in 2017, Sophia Morrissette started college at Chapman University, studied abroad in Europe, and interned at the Washington National Cathedral in D.C. Last year, Sophia came to talk about her freshman year living in Orange County and the struggles of connecting with people who are different. Her goal this year was to take advantage of her year abroad and initiate conversations with ‘the other’ to better understand one another. Now she’s back to share what she’s learned.

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Celebration of Lammas

Speaker: Member Phil Duran
Sunday, August 2, 2019

Many of our forebears paused in the early days of August to celebrate the long awaited first harvest and revel in its abundance. We mark this ancient holiday with music, poetry, and reflections. Phil Duran of the Seasonal Celebrations Team will ponder the lessons the season offers urban folk. Music by The Eclectics. And we will celebrate the first harvest and our community by sharing bread–baked by our own members.

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An Evolution in Identity Politics

Speaker: Member Mikki Morrissette
Sunday, July 28, 2019

What if Carl Jung, Rev. John Dietrich, and adrienne maree brown transcended time and space to have a conversation about identity politics? Join member Mikki Morrissette for a creative exploration about the convergence of the individual and the collective, and the potential of human evolution.

Mikki is also the owner and publisher of the Minnesota Women’s Press.

Talk (PDF): An Evolution in Identity Politics

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