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Getting Your Mystic On

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And now playing in religion news is Gen Z, which appears to be a generation with even less trust in religious institutions than Millennials. (Even among those who do participate in institutionalized religion, 52% say they don’t trust the institution.) 

So Below

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they were right even though they were wrong.

Oh, Grow Up!

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One aspect of a mature relationship with reality is understanding that there is no view from nowhere. No unbiased way of seeing. When we think we are thinking in a completely neutral way, that’s exactly when we have been mastered by assumptions. It’s exactly when we are puppets on a string. 

How to Go to Heaven

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Most Americans believe in a multi-cultural, multi-religious, and accepting America. But it’s a vague set of beliefs. Most Americans haven’t thought that much about it. Too many Americans have not committed to examining those values and working for them.

Theocracy and Its Discontents

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In my youth, the school cafeteria at my public school served fish on Fridays in an attempt to make us all fasting and pious non-meat eaters at school. The result was piety of another sort.

What We Think They’re Thinking

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When Christopher Columbus wrote a report concerning his first voyage, he described the people he found: “they are timid and full of terror” and “they are very guileless and honest.” Timid. Terrified. Guileless. Honest. Notice that the first two assessments—“timid” and “terrified” can be read through observation of physical reactions. “Guileless” and “honest,” however, came …

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Whose Cakes, What Cakes: Testosterone and Monotheism

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The God of the ancient Hebrews did not answer all the needs of the people. The religion had a patriarchy problem. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam still do. 

Religions, Shoes, and Cobblers

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Religions are now consumer products in the US. How did that happen?

Syncretism and Hybridity: How Religions Get Made

#syncretism FUS University Presents: “Syncretism and Hybridity: How Religions Get Made” with Rev. Dr. David Breeden. Like many congregations, FUS draws on a variety of traditions for its philosophies and rituals. Join Rev. David as he considers the long history of mixing religious practices to meet the human needs of the moment.