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The Treasure in the Trash: Symbol and Art

a wasteland of garbage

My father was an inveterate and unapologetic garbage dump aficionado. On Sunday afternoons when I was a kid, it was off to the garbage dumps, known and unknown.  Along with us would come one of my uncles, who had been a Japanese prisoner of war and came home . . . not quite right. One …

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So Below

white sand on a black table

they were right even though they were wrong.

Oh, Grow Up!

children's blocks in stack

One aspect of a mature relationship with reality is understanding that there is no view from nowhere. No unbiased way of seeing. When we think we are thinking in a completely neutral way, that’s exactly when we have been mastered by assumptions. It’s exactly when we are puppets on a string. 

How to Go to Heaven

Long stairway with bright white steps toward blue clouds

Most Americans believe in a multi-cultural, multi-religious, and accepting America. But it’s a vague set of beliefs. Most Americans haven’t thought that much about it. Too many Americans have not committed to examining those values and working for them.

Wait! Where’s the Mystery?

One thing about Humanism that catches people up is that we don’t have any secret words, elaborate handshakes, esoteric stages of enlightenment, or locked doors.

BLOG: Our Physical and Spiritual Energy Force

We continue our excerpts of the Humanist talks delivered at First Unitarian Society, starting with the founding Humanist minister John Dietrich. He originally delivered this talk on April 14, 1929. Put a nonliving object in an environment and nothing happens. Put a living object in this environment, and something does happen. Energy, in other words, or …

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