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Despots in the Trees? Think Kudzu

A lone tree on a hillside covered in kudzu

Two French philosophers, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, in a pair of books together titled Capitalism and Schizophrenia, set out to change our way of thinking, away from hierarchical patterns and into integrated patterns.

Getting Your Mystic On

Salvator Dali tarot card

And now playing in religion news is Gen Z, which appears to be a generation with even less trust in religious institutions than Millennials. (Even among those who do participate in institutionalized religion, 52% say they don’t trust the institution.) 

What We Think They’re Thinking

raging fire burning in the night with human figures silhouetted

When Christopher Columbus wrote a report concerning his first voyage, he described the people he found: “they are timid and full of terror” and “they are very guileless and honest.” Timid. Terrified. Guileless. Honest. Notice that the first two assessments—“timid” and “terrified” can be read through observation of physical reactions. “Guileless” and “honest,” however, came …

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The Neighborhood of Boston

Nowadays, Boston is a multicultural city, but the Boston that created Unitarianism was not. 

BLOG: The Roots of Unitarianism

A summary of a lesson offered in a Unitarian Universalist Association workshop Before setting its roots in Humanism, the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis was founded on a legacy of Unitarianism. Unitarian Christianity was the talk of a title by William Ellery Channing (1780-1842) — also known as the Baltimore Sermon — on May 5, 1819. Orthodox and …

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