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Increase Support for Childcare

SF 14 and SF 53 will increase childcare provider rates statewide and provide grants to stabilize childcare providers, many of whom are struggling to stay open. The legislation will also provide one-time funding to immediately increase early learning scholarships, which are a proven resource for preventing child abuse and neglect.

The legislation has already passed in the Minnesota House and is now being considered in the Minnesota Senate.

Please contact your state Senator.

Message: I urge you to support SF 14 and SF 53. These bills increase childcare rates, stabilize childcare providers with grants and increase early learning scholarships.

Don’t know your Senator? Look her/him/them up here:

Is your organization looking for a four-up post card template? Print this on 8.5″ x 11″ post card-weight paper.

ACTIVE VOICES CALLING FOR CHANGE! Active Voices continues to identify important issues and construct brief messages complete with email and phone numbers for FUS members and anyone to use to contact elected representatives and other designated recipients. This is your chance to continue to help make a positive difference in our world in a way that works best for you. We appreciate your voice!

We ask you to call or email with the message above. If you choose, feel free to edit the message to put it in your own words.

Your Active Voices Team:

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