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Protect Minnesota’s Water

News from last year exposed concerning issues with the common theme of polluting and corporate industries exercising too much control over the decisions our public agencies make.

Examples include:

A judge found that PolyMet’s proposed permit to mine, previously approved by the Department of Natural Resources, would violate Minnesota’s law.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture administers a program of farm certification that has no monitoring or testing to determine whether it is effective. All signs point to its lack of effectiveness.

The DNR granted inadequate permits for Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline and failed to hold Enbridge accountable for catastrophic aquifer breeches during construction.

Message:  I urge you to deny PolyMet’s permit to mine. Tell your agencies to follow the existing law and stop rubber stamping projects. Stand up for the people and natural resources of Minnesota.

Please contact Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Flanagan by phone and/or by U.S. Mail:

Governor TIM WALZ – 651-201-3400

Lt. Gov. PEGGY FLANAGAN – 651-201-3400

Write to the Office of Governor Tim Walz & Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan at 130 State Capitol, 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MM 55155. Use this letter or feel free to write a letter of your own.

If you feel passionate about this issue and would like to become more involved, learn more at the Sierra Club North Star Chapter.

Is your organization looking for a four-up post card template? Print this on 8.5″ x 11″ post card-weight paper.

ACTIVE VOICES CALLING FOR CHANGE! Active Voices continues to identify important issues and construct brief messages complete with email and phone numbers for FUS members and anyone to use to contact elected representatives and other designated recipients. This is your chance to continue to help make a positive difference in our world in a way that works best for you. We appreciate your voice!

We ask you to call or email with the message above. If you choose, feel free to edit the message to put it in your own words.

Your Active Voices Team: 

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