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Sunday School, Religious Education, Re²ligious E²ducation!

This fall, a bold new approach to “religious” education.

Creating a meaningful, purposeful life is a lifelong learning experience!

This autumn, First Unitarian Society introduces our Ethical Explorers program, “E².” E-squared. As a bridge between the religious and secular worlds, FUS has long been unique, and E² is not your typical “Sunday School.”

Just as we believe each individual must explore the challenges of a purposeful life for themselves, we believe that the best approach for doing this is through constructivist educational methods. E² is about the journey. Constructivist educational practices go all the way back to the beginnings of Humanism, with the ideas of American pragmatist philosopher John Dewey, a signer of the first Humanist Manifesto, along with our very own John Dietrich. Constructivist education recognizes that we human beings are the makers of our lives every moment of every day. The E² concept fosters self-initiated exploration and collaboration, recognizing every participant—regardless of age—as a reservoir of creativity and potential. No one is invisible. 

With E², we’ll embark on interactive activities, creative expression, and thought-provoking discussion. From examining real-world ethical dilemmas to exploring the complexities of humanist and freethought philosophy, we will challenge our assumptions and expand our horizons. It’s an opportunity to embrace both individual and collective potential, as we discover the power of ethical actions and the profound impact they can have on ourselves and our communities. 

Together we’ll construct our understanding of life and our world through engaging experiences and meaningful interactions with our surroundings. 

E² aims to be more than a program; it’s a platform where ethics breathe, ideas prosper, and understanding of the human experience deepens. It’s a promise of lifelong enlightenment, from cradle to grave. Just as we Humanists like it!

E²’s Mission: 

The E² Life-Long Learner Program is committed to excellence in holistic education. Drawing from an expansive collection of religious and secular resources, the program’s mission is to nurture independent thinkers and seekers in their quest for truth, social justice, and peace, fostering love and transformation in our ever-evolving world. 

How do I sign up? Stay tuned!